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Improved radiotherapy planning with toxicity prediction from multimodal data

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In prostate cancer radiotherapy, neighboring Organs at Risk (OAR) are irradiated leading to a risk of toxicity (i.e. Rectal bleeding in the case of the rectum in 10 % to 20% of cases). Sub-parts of the OAR should be spared during the therapy.

LTSI works have allowed the identification of these subregions likely involved in toxicity so that they can be spared during the radiotherapy planning.

The technology objective is to combine for the first time Dosimetric Factors (3D dose distributions) in these subregions with Radiobiological parameters based on genetics, in order to improve prediction which will allow to devise personalized treatments.

Graphic legend : a) Generic Sub-Region. Planned dose b) without and c) with constraints.

Ses bénéfices

  • Improvement of Patient’s care: Predictive - Personalized - Participative
  • Clinically reliable and feasible technology
  • The technology’s workflow relies on non-invasive tools which does not heavily increase the treatment workload

Ses applications

  • Prediction - Improvement of toxicity prediction capabilities in order to help in the decision making process for patients and radiation oncologists
  • Planning - The aim is to allow personalized treatments by sparing different organ sub-regions highly predictive of toxicity
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  • Prototype : Software - Tested on more than 100 patients
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IMPACT - Images and Models for the Planning and AssistanCe to surgery and Therapy

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UMR_S 1099 - LTSI

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FR : FR1353552 - filed on the 04-18-2013

Figure 1. A) Generic Sub-Region. Planned dose b) without and c) with constraints.

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