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Physical activity monitoring device

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Actiphytness is an innovative device capable of tracking physical activity in detail.
It was originally developed to prevent frailty in the elderly but can be used in many applications (sports, rehabilitation, posture monitoring, etc.).

The device can detect and accurately classify over 25 activities (Sitting, Walking, Jogging, Standing, Lying, Other) and their metrics (e.g. Transitions, Cycles, Symmetry, Duration, etc.). All this data can be presented on application-specific dashboards to help health professionals implement specific actions.

With regard to the Senior case study, one of the strengths of this application lies in the reversibility of the state of frailty when detected at an early stage, for which the research team has identified specific global and local characteristics that allow people to be classified as pre-frail, frail or robust. This innovation therefore allows for the objective diagnosis and prevention of the progressive worsening and decline of physical function in older people.

In terms of hardware specifications, the innovative device only requires data from an accelerometer and a barometer, which allows the development of a low power consumption embedded device.

This invention has been protected by two patent applications, a copyright and a trademark and has been presented in several publications:
- M. Abbas, M. Saleh, D. Somme, and Régine Le Bouquin Jeannès, “Detecting Progressive Weakening in Older Adults: Design and Evaluation of a Novel Monitoring System”
- M. Abbas and R. Le Bouquin Jeannès, "A Low-cost Real-time Human Activity Recognition Solution for Healthcare Applications," submitted to IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering
- M. Abbas and R. Le Bouquin Jeannès, "Acceleration-based Gait Analysis for Frailty Assessment in Elderly”, submitted

Ses bénéfices

  • Accuracy of activity monitoring
  • Fully automated monitoring process
  • Daily routine - indoor & outdoor
  • Smart algorithm design for low battery consumption
  • For Senior application: prevention of frailty by early detection

Ses applications

  • Health and well being management
  • Preventive healthcare
  • Senior frailty monitoring
  • Activity monitoring for sports
  • Activity monitoring for reeducation
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EP : EP20306094.2 - filed on the 09-25-2020


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