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New device for delivering therapeutics in situ in cancer treatment

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Context: Despite their efficiency, chemotherapy treatments are being challenged by physicians regarding their strong side-effects when they are administrated in systemic way. Numerous devices have been designed to deliver the treatment in situ hence reducing side-effects.

Issue: Due to implantation’s site (inside the vessels for some), their design or the lack of delivery management, they cause other side effects including thrombosis or surgery complication. So there is still a need to develop a device which is able to deliver in situ the treatment and prevent cancer relapse.

Solution: Thank to its expertise in both microfluidic and biological field, the research team has developed a new implantable medical device which could be used to deliver therapeutics directly inside the tumor or around it while avoiding surgery complication and reducing side-effects eventually.

Ses bénéfices

  • Dose delivery control
  • To be used with different kind of molecules (cytotoxic agent, siRNA, Protein or antibody)
  • Less side-effect expected
  • Easy to manage the dose escalation by chronic or intermittent injections

Ses applications

  • Glioblastoma after resection to enhance Stupp protocole
  • Hepato-carcinoma and metastasis in late stage and in first or second line treatment for non-resecable tumor
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  • TRL3 - Recherche de la preuve de concept
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Conception de Micro et Nanomédecines

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UMR_S 1066 - MINT

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FR : FR1656954 - filed on the 07-21-2016

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