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07 Déc 2021

Seeking novel packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for PepsiCo’s global beverage and snack products

PepsiCo seeks to deliver a world-class consumer experience with its products and that experience begins with the packaging.

PepsiCo seeks to identify a variety of new packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for its global beverage and snack products.

Below are some examples of new innovations and technologies that can deliver a different and unique experience for consumers such as:
• Smart/interactive packaging:
– Consumer-level interactions that are visual, sound-based, touch-based
– Technologies can be incorporated into caps, labels, cans, multi-pack carriers, etc. or even via vending equipment or an application
–  Ideal situation is interactive packaging that triggers a positive emotion in consumer during PepsiCo beverage consumption

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• Premium and/or personalized packaging:
- Advanced packaging decoration technologies like innovative labels, inks, etc.
- Unique dosing methods or closures
- Packaging that can create theater at the point of consumption, e.g. like Drinkfinity
- Packaging or materials (e.g. coatings) that can keep beverages colder for longer
- Other ways of offering consumer customization

• User-friendly packaging:
- Packaging that is easy to open and use for users of all ages and abilities
- Packaging that can inhibit or prevent spillage or mess
The above list is not meant to be exclusive – if you have a packaging-related technology that can provide new consumer experience, we'd love to hear from you. Technologies that can successfully combine more than one of these interest areas are highly desirable.
Please note: all proposed technologies must have advanced beyond the conceptual stage.


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