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  • Appel à Manifestation d’Intérêt Agriculture – Agroalimentaire

    Cet AMI vise à développer les collaborations existantes entre entreprises et laboratoires bretons/ligériens, en soutenant des opportunités de transfert de technologie. Cet appel, le premier réunissant Ouest Valorisation (Société d’Accélération de Transfert de Technologies), INRAE, les quatre Instituts Carnot (Agrifood Transition, Qualiment, France Futur Elevage, Plant2Pro) et les deux pôles de compétitivité Valorial et Vegepolys Valley, associe également les deux Conseils Régionaux de Bretagne et Pays de la Loire pour favoriser l’accès des projets lauréats aux dispositifs financiers.
    Ouest Valorisation apportera sa capacité opérationnelle et financière en matière de transfert de technologie des résultats de la recherche au bénéfice des PME, ETI et Start-up innovantes.

    Télécharger le cahier des charges et le dossier de candidature

    Date limite de soumission des dossiers : 7 mai 2021

    Vous avez des questions? Participez à notre webinaire de présentation, deux créneaux possibles : vendredi 19 mars à 12h ou jeudi 25 mars à 18h

  • Appel à projets RA-COVID-19

    L’appel RA-COVID-19 sera conduit en articulation étroite avec le Comité d’Analyse Recherche Expertise (CARE) COVID-19, le consortium multidisciplinaire REACTing (REsearch and ACTion targeting emerging infectious diseases) coordonné par l’Inserm sous l’égide d’AVIESAN et de nombreuses autres parties prenantes apportant leurs contributions scientifiques mais aussi financières.

    Cet appel vise à compléter l’action initiale du Flash COVID-19 et adresse les cinq priorités suivantes : 1) Études épidémiologiques ; 2) Physiopathogénie de la maladie ; 3) Prévention et contrôle de l’infection ; 4) Éthique et dynamiques sociales et 5) Enjeux globaux de l’épidémie Covid-19.

    Date de clôture : 28 octobre 2020 à 13h


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  • Funding and Design Support for COVID-19 Projects

    In light of the Coronavirus pandemic and its related consequences in other sectors of various economies across the globe, CcHUB is looking to fund and provide research and design support, via our Design Lab, for COVID-19 related projects. These include, but not limited to, projects in the following areas:
    -> Last mile communication: educating the public and ensuring the right information reaches even remote locations.
    -> Support for the infected and the most vulnerable in society.
    -> Local production of essential medical supplies.
    -> Support for our food value chain, from producers to consumers, in the event of movement restrictions.
    If you are already working on a project or have an idea, with the capability to build out the solution with available resources from CcHUB, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.
    Projects can be focused on a particular African country, the African continent or the world at large.

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  • Seeking engineers, innovators, designers, and makers to produce rapidly deployable mechanical ventilators

    The rate of COVID-19 spread and peak is influenced by social separation, good hygiene, and adequate quarantining of infected individuals. The goal of the CoVent-19 Challenge is to increase the capacity of hospitals to provide mechanical ventilation. Our answer will be a rapidly deployable ventilation solution that we can use to close the gap between those in need and our actual resources in settings around the world.

    Founded by residents at Massachusetts General Hospital, the CoVent-19 Challenge will be a completely virtual open moonshot competition hosted on GrabCAD to develop a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilation solution.

    We appreciate all of the advice and buzz that we are hearing from all parts of our global community.

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  • Seeking Innovative Sustainable Biopolymers and Biorenewable Building Blocks

    Synthetic polymers are often used as thickening agents for liquid formulations. Already small quantities (< 1%) enable the formation of a gel network, which is most important for the correct application of the product. However, due to their persistence the reputation of synthetic polymers has deteriorated during the last years, which has increased the demand for natural alternatives. Despite the huge interest of the industry in green alternatives, successful candidates are a rarity, due to numerous technical and commercial hurdles. It is therefore most important to find partnerships with universities, start-ups, or well-established companies, which may lead to the development of new sustainable polymers for industrial and consumer applications.

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  • Seeking partners for development of Photovoltaic paint

    We are seeking partners that can contribute to the development of a Photovoltaic coating.
    A partner should be able to contribute within at least one of the following areas:

    Photovoltaic coating:
    A coating that has photovoltaic properties and that allows the extraction of the resulting electrons. The coating might contain perovskite particles or other photocatalytic particles. The binder should be able to disperse the photocatalytic particles and should allow the extraction of the generated electricity while providing good film forming properties. The coating could be water based, solvent based or solvent-free.

    Current collection:
    Suitable materials for current collection from the photovoltaic coating. Solution on the position of the electrodes relative to the photovoltaic coating as well as the geometry of the electrodes is of interest.

    Important criteria’s for selection of the proper material includes
    • The catalytic durability of the material.
    • The photovoltaic paint as well as the current collectors should be easy to apply on site
    • The durability when exposed to the environment.
    • The chosen technology should not contain substances of concern and is a candidate for passing REACH and other equivalent regulations.

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  • Seeking novel packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for PepsiCo’s global beverage and snack products

    PepsiCo seeks to deliver a world-class consumer experience with its products and that experience begins with the packaging.

    PepsiCo seeks to identify a variety of new packaging technologies to increase consumer engagement for its global beverage and snack products.

    Below are some examples of new innovations and technologies that can deliver a different and unique experience for consumers such as:
    • Smart/interactive packaging
    o Consumer-level interactions that are visual, sound-based, touch-based
    o Technologies can be incorporated into caps, labels, cans, multi-pack carriers, etc. or even via vending equipment or an application
    o Ideal situation is interactive packaging that triggers a positive emotion in consumer during PepsiCo beverage consumption
    • Premium and/or personalized packaging
    o Advanced packaging decoration technologies like innovative labels, inks, etc.
    o Unique dosing methods or closures
    o Packaging that can create theater at the point of consumption, e.g. like Drinkfinity
    o Packaging or materials (e.g. coatings) that can keep beverages colder for longer
    o Other ways of offering consumer customization
    • User-friendly packaging
    o Packaging that is easy to open and use for users of all ages and abilities
    o Packaging that can inhibit or prevent spillage or mess
    The above list is not meant to be exclusive – if you have a packaging-related technology that can provide new consumer experience, we’d love to hear from you. Technologies that can successfully combine more than one of these interest areas are highly desirable.

    Please note: all proposed technologies must have advanced beyond the conceptual stage.

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  • Seeking thickening agent/s for surfactant-based systems that can be added at the end of production to increase viscosity

    1. The solution should be applicable to a cold process

    2. Ideally a pre-dispersion or liquid would be preferred

    3. The thickening agent should not cause turbidity

    4. The solution/s should be compatible with anionic and cationic surfactants.

    5. Please exclude bio-polymers as a solution.

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  • Seeking Rhaponticum repens (RR) mitigation and control technologies

    • The technology should be an alternative to existing methods of permanent mowing
    • The technology should have minimal negative effects on wheat
    • The technology should show good results in the weather conditions of the regions under consideration.

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  • Seeking disruptive solutions in the area of Activities of Daily Living that address some of the biggest threats to being able to age and thrive at home

    For aging adults, when help is needed to perform daily self-care activities, dignity, independence, and the ability to make personal choices are threatened, straining precious relationships with loved ones. For their caregivers, finding the right balance between multiple life-priorities and providing the right care for their loved one is a constant struggle. We believe that developing solutions that resolve these simultaneous tensions by empowering both aging adults and their caregiving ecosystem is the key to redefining aging at home.

    Ideal solution will
    • Solve a hard problem in a dignified way
    • Address needs for both the older adult and those who care for them
    • Have early proof that people want to try the solution, and those who have tried it, have liked it and want to use it again

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