Biosourced Method for the Production of Phenols Using Recombinant Type III Polyketide Synthases (PKSIIIs) from Brown Algae - Techno Market

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Biosourced Method for the Production of Phenols Using Recombinant Type III Polyketide Synthases (PKSIIIs) from Brown Algae


Phloroglucinol and resorcinol are important bulk chemical formultiple applications. They are used as an intermediate for pharmaceuticals, as a smooth muscle relaxant and as an antioxidant for the phloroglucinol. Resorcinol is also used as a chemical intermediate for the synthesis of other organic compounds. It is used in the production of diazo dyes and plasticizers and as a UV absorber in resins.

Traditionally, phloroglucinol and resorcinol are manufactured chemically but current manufacture employs benzene as a starting material. Benzene is carcinogenic and volatile and is obtained from nonrenewable petroleum feedstocks. Although biological processes for its production and its derivatives have been investigated.

The PKS3 project is based on the identifiation of the PKSIII enzyme and its recombinant active production within bacteria (E. Coli). The work of the research team has enabled the development of a piece of technology for in vitro synthesis of phenols (phloroglucinol and resorcinol). This technology enables responsible production, meaning the environmental impact is reduced in comparison to that of the highly polluting chemical route.
Phloroglucinol is a so-called ‘platform molecule’ from which it is possible to synthesise other more complex molecules.

Ses bénéfices

  • Biosourced character of platform molecules, originating from marine organisms
  • Use of alternative, less dangerous, non-petrosourced molecules for industry
  • Diversifiation of sourcing for industry supportive of production by biotechnology
  • Long-term production of new bioactive compounds

Ses applications

  • Cosmetics industry
  • Adhesives - Resins
  • Pharmaceutical/Supplements industry
  • Agri-Food - Phytotherapy
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