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Glaucoma, a multifactorial, progressive, neurodegenerative disorder is characterized by the death of retina ganglion cells, optic nerve atrophy and even loss of neurons in the brain. Unfortunately, in the most common form of glaucoma there are no signs and symptoms obvious to the patient until very late stages of the disease.

Diagnosing and following the clinical course of a subject with glaucoma currently relies on ophthalmological criteria (such as, for example, elevated IOP, loss of visual acuity, smaller visual field, or presence of optic nerve damage with progressive optic disc cupping) that are only apparent once the disease has progressed into irreversible loss of the visual field and damage to the optic nerve. It is the reason why it is important to develop a test to diagnose quicklly this pathology.

The technology relates to a metabolic signature of glaucoma, comprising metabolites selected from biogenic amines, amino acids, fatty acid esters, carbohydrates and/or glycerophospholipids. The method using the metabolic signature of the invention, for prognosing/diagnosing a subject with or identifying a subject as being at risk of developing glaucoma (Primary open-angle glaucoma). The amount, level or concentration of metabolites is measured by flow injection analysis coupled with tandem mass spectrometry (FIA-MS/MS) or by liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry (LC-MS).

Ses bénéfices

  • Early detection
  • Blood test

Ses applications

  • Companion diagnostic test for glaucoma
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  • IN VIVO - Preuve de concept

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EP : EP18305375.0 - filed on the 03-30-2018

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